About Algoscarf.

scarf generator

Algoscarf is a scarf generator. You give it input and it gives you a scarf.

The way Algoscarf creates its patterns is by taking your initial input and putting it through a sorting algorithm. At each step in the sorting algorithm, Algoscarf records the state of the list of colours. Then, at the end, it puts all of the steps together to create a pattern of stripes.

Because Algoscarf only checks a single factor to sort on, it might not sort things in the way you'd expect. For example, the color #FF00FF (a very bright pink) will register as more blue than #193BA8 (a very dark blue).

To learn more about sorting algorithms, check out the [Wikipedia page], or the sorting module on [VisuAlgo].

You can also check out my other projects at cfseanor.com or follow me on Twitter at @alarisilver.

I originally wrote Algoscarf in 2017, but returned to it in 2019 to make some minor changes. At the time of writing, the sorting algorithm implementations may or may not be entirely accurate: I haven't written tests for them or verified them another way. Basically: Algoscarf is a fun viz idea, but not necessarily a tool. I'd love to come back to it another time.

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